Brigid – 2022

A naturally sweet, aperitif-style wine.


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Product description

Brigid is a naturally sweet, aperitif-style wine. Made from Late Harvest Kerner, Brigid is perfect as a pre dinner drink with cheese, paté & snacks, or paired with spiced, aromatic cuisine..

Made of : 100% Kerner (18% Acacia barrel aged)

Tastes of: Lime, Fresh apple, Honey, Spice

Sweetness: Sweet, but not syrupy (20g/L)

Acidity: Medium high - High

Named after the Irish saint of healing, Brigid is a fun pre dinner wine to enjoy alongside cheese or paté. Similar to a sweet Auslese Riesling, we stopped the wine's fermentation early to preserve a joyous amount of residual sugar. There is, however, a good amount of acidity to stop the wine feeling flabby or too heavy. Serve cold. Pair with pre-dinner snacks, or curries & aromatic cuisine. One of our favourite new releases!

For those who enjoy
Kabinett/Auslese Rieslings
Served at
Forest Side* (Lake District)

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