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An exciting mixed fermentation collaboration


Product description

This exciting collaboration combines Deya's brewing know-how, with our aromatic grape skins.

In 2020, Deya collected our grape skins on harvest day to use in an experimental mixed fermentation beer. A simple wheat beer, fermented and conditioned with a mixed culture of yeast and bacteria, was aged in oak for 1 year, and then re-fermented on grape pomace for 4 weeks.

Kept as single varieties, the results are three aromatic, full-bodied pomace beers that are unlike anything you've ever tried.

Kerner - Light, Acidic, Lemon Peel, Pepper

Bacchus - Light, Moderately acidic, Gree Apple & Grass

Siegerrebe - Soft, Full bodied, Floral & Stone fruits

You can find out about Deya here.

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