Orange Kerner 2019

Our experimental, no sulphite Orange Wine.


Product description

Orange Kerner is part of our Winemaker Series - an experimental range that represents our passion and thirst for progression.

To learn more about what Orange Wines are, read this article.

Orange Kerner 2019:

Tastes of: A fruit-forward, relatively approachable Orange wine. Orange peel, blossom, cider apples, and a subtle smokiness. The palate is textural and lightly tannic.

Acidity: Mouth-watering & gently sour

This Christmas: A fascinating gift for Natural Wine enthusiasts.


    • - 20 days skin contact
    • - 10% semi carbonic maceration (putting whole berries at the bottom of the tank, which then ferment and burst under the pressure of the 'must' above; resulting in more vibrant fruit flavours)
    • - Completely unfiltered and unfined
    • - No added sulphites (8mg/L total - 100% naturally occuring).

Drink as a refreshing aperitif, or pair with:

    • - Aromatic cuisine (middle eastern/Asian/Herbs)
    • - Fatty, white meat¬†dishes (pork, fish)

215 bottles produced.

*Please note that this wine contains sediment. First allow sediment to settle, and then avoid when pouring. Particles are non-toxic (they are a natural occurence)*

For those who enjoy
Natural wines, High acidity

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