Siegerrebe…Over The Years

A special collection of Siegerrebe from over the years


Product description
2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Astley Vineyard. We invite you to celebrate with us with these special vintage wines from our library. A glimpse of our vineyard of the years.
Siegerrebe is fast becoming a favourite grape of ours here at the vineyard. Its versatility as a white, rosé & late harvest component makes it an exciting grape to work with. It's relation to Gewurtztraminer means it has potential to age well.
This collection includes:
    • 2015 vintage: A late, troublesome vintage that was saved at the last minute. Cool throughout the year, followed by an excpetionally warm September and October. Excellent sugars at harvest, with soft acidity. Description: Incredibly aromatic. Passionfruit, Peach, Tart apricot. Medium low acidity, with a rich body (represented by a vanilla'y sweetness as it warms up). Pair with Chicken & mango salad, Chicken Tikka Masala, or Butternut squash risotto.
    • 2016 vintage: A decent vintage. Description: 
Served at
Sketch (London) Alchemilla (Nottingham)
IEWA 2018: *Gold Medal* "Incredible red apple nose, fantastic aromatics, ripe palate and wonderful nose." Great British Wine: "Proof that fine sparkling wine don't have to be made from Chardonnay & the Pinots...crisp lemon bite and lots of tangy green orchard fruit. It's full and developed, with a creamy, weighty almond mid-taste that's reminiscent of almond-croissant."

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