Sparkling Bacchus – 2022

A fun and fruity sparkling Bacchus


Product description

A brand new addition to our range - a fun and fruity sparkling Bacchus. Similar to our Freya, this hugely enjoyable wine is best drunk in the sun with friends. Don't save it - drink it!

Made of: 92% Bacchus, 5% Kerner, 3% Sauvignon Blanc

Tastes of:  Ripe green apple, Kiwi, Gooseberry, Lime

Sweetness: Brut/Dry (12g/L)

Acidity: High

Time on lees: 6 months

We've always dreamt of making a sparkling Bacchus, and this first attempt definitely proves the concept works. Bright, ripe green fruits make this a fabulous aperitif and incredibly moreish. Aromatic, pure, and quite frankly delicious! Drink young.

330 bottles made

For those who enjoy
Sauvignon Blanc, Sparkling wines

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