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A fun, educatioanl afternoon all about wine


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Intimate and informative, our tours are available for individuals, couples or larger groups. Tours last approximately two and a half hours, and cater for a maximum of sixteen people. Includes:
  • An introduction to Astley Vineyard’s history, accompanied by a welcome drink.
  • A short walk to the vineyard via our beautiful wooded valley.
  • A walk and talk amongst the vines, introducing you to our grape varieties and basic viticulture.
  • A glass of wine at our pavilion which overlooks the vineyard and the beautiful Severn Valley.
  • A quick look in our winery to talk about basic winemaking.
  • And finally a sit down guided-tasting of three of our award winning wines, alongside some samples of amazing local produce (Including cheese, salmon and charcuterie)
  • After your tour, why not stay for a glass of wine on our terrace?

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