Returners Vineyard Tour

Once you’ve been on our vineyard tour,
we’d hate to say goodbye to you forever! 

There’s so much more to talk about.

That’s why we’ve decided to introduce a new type of vineyard tour
for those of you who have already learnt the basics, but want to learn more.

We’re calling it our “Returners Vineyard Tour”.

Specifically for people who have already attended our vineyard tour,
this tour will introduce some brand new elements, build upon
what we have already spoken about, and generally give you
another chance to learn that bit more about wine. 

We strongly recommend that you first attend our
vineyard tour & wine tasting before booking this one.

Returners Vineyard Tour
£30 per person

Advanced & premium wine tasting

Our first tour introduced you to how to analyse our core range of wine. This time, we will taste our more premium wines and Chris has devised some fun, interactive experiments that will shine even more light on tasting wine. You will go away even more confident about talking about wine.

Winery & wine making

On our first tour, we told you that we built a winery, but we never really showed you inside it. This time, we will talk you through the entire process of how wine is made, and discuss the decisions we have to make when turning grapes into juice, into wine. Not overly techy and scientific…but detailed enough to give you understanding of how wine is made.

Vineyard tour

Tim has already introduced you to our vineyard, but this time we will delve into the full viticulture year, and go into a bit more depth about what it takes to grow good, healthy grapes. And of course, enjoy the view of our boutique vineyard in beautiful rural Worcestershire whilst you’re here!

Do I have to attend your normal vineyard tour before I come to this?

Ideally, yes. You will get a much more complete picture of our story and of wine in general if you first come to our main Vineyard tour, and then return for the Returner’s Tour. We will not repeat previous content as far as possible.

Average tour length: 3 hours

Gift Vouchers: Physical gift vouchers available (£1.50 postage)

Accessibility: Access to the vineyard is via an uneven path through a wooded valley. Customers with walking difficulties are advised that the walk may be too difficult for some (transportation available upon request).​​

All customers are advised to wear sensible, sturdy shoes to cope with the walk. Everything weather permitting.

Cancellations & Queries: If you need to cancel your tour, or have any queries, please contact us: or 01299 822907

Taxis & transport: If you need to organise transportation to and from our vineyard, please book taxis to arrive no earlier than 2:45pm, with pick up around 5pm (tour lengths can vary)

You must be over 18 to sample wine on our tours.

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