Our heritage

50 years of Astley

A Glimpse Back in time

2021 marks Astley Vineyard’s 50th anniversary.

Our success stems from the work of all its owners, not just those who live there now. We want to celebrate our heritage, and remember those who put so much of their love and soul into this special place.

Join us in celebrating the mavericks who took on the unpredictable and challenging world of English wine.

The Bache family (late 60s to early 90s) who bravely established the vineyard and persisted through tough, unprecedented times.

The Daniels family (early 90s to 2017) who professionalised the viticulture and subsequently put Astley on the map.

The Haywood family (2017 – present) who are turning the vineyard into a thriving and sustainable business.

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