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Astley Vineyard is one of the oldest in the UK. Planted in 1971, we produce less than ten thousand bottles of boutique wine per year.

Astley Vineyard - drone 2020


Established in 1971, there were originally four vineyard plots on our ten acre estate. At the time, Astley Vineyard was widely regarded to be the most northerly vineyard in the world. Today, just the best single five acre plot remains, from which we make all of our boutique and award winning wines.

  • Planted on Triassic sandstone loam
  • Eastward sloping
  • A relatively exposed site
  • Rows oriented to maximise airflow
  • Deep adjacent valley
  • Half a mile away from River Severn
  • Nearby ancient woodland
  • 100ft away from our winery & shop
Drone image of Astley Vineyard taken in 2020

“Wine is made in the vineyard, not the winery“


Astley Vineyard - kerner grapes


The pride of Astley Vineyard. Planted in 1971, this uncommon vinifera cross of Riesling & Trollinger is rarely found in the UK. Late ripening, this rare variety produces steely, elegant wines that often improve with bottle age. When picked early, it has a simple elegance that is similar to Riesling, Grüner Veltliner or Pinot Blanc. When picked late, it is far more opulent, rich and aromatic.

Due to its immense vigour, Kerner is managed differently in our vineyard. The crown is raised high, and the growth is trained downwards to expend excess energy.

Kerner’s spiritual home is in Alto Adige in Italy, but it is also increasingly found in Japan and Canada.


Planted in 2007, Bacchus has fast become England’s quintessential still white wine variety. A cross of Sylvaner x Riesling, with Müller-Thurgau, it displays fresh green apple and grass flavours when picked early, and more elderflower and richness as it ripens. A highly approachable, drinkable, and reliable variety.


Planted in 1979, Madeleine is a cross of Madeleine Royale and Précoce de Malingre. Early ripening, it is a soft, delicate variety that produces floral wines. Madeleine is a fantastic blending component, and it shows promise for ageing.


Planted in 1996, Siegerrebe is a notoriously hard-to-establish variety that seems to thrive in our vineyard. A cross of Madeleine Angevine and Gewürztraminer, it is a blush, early ripening variety that is immensely aromatic. When picked early, it shows fresh lychee and passionfruit flavours. As it ripens (and with extended skin contact) it shows strawberry, potpourri and rosehip.

We can also leave this variety on the vine, and pick it extremely late to make our Late Harvest (when the vintage allows)

Astley Vineyard - Siegerrebe grapes

We also grow small amounts of Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Noir.

Recent vintages


The Golden Year for English wine. Perfect in every way // Yield: 5/5 //Quality: 5/5


A frustrating followup to 2018. A good year, ended by poor harvest weather // Yield: 4/5 //Quality: 3/5 (mixed)


The dreaded year of frost. Struck by a 1 in 35 year event. But followed by a good rest of year // Yield: 1/5 //Quality: 4/5


A battle for ripeness. No Spring at all. Saved at harvest // Yield: 2/5 //Quality: 3.5/5 


The year of drought. Pockets of disease // Yield: 2.5/5 //Quality: 4/5

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