Our ethos

What is life without a purpose?

We want to be more than just winemakers. We want to impact the people we meet and the world we live in, in a positive way.

That’s why we strive to serve our community, our region, and the people we gratefully call our customers & friends.

VW Tourism Awards Winners 2023-24 Ethical-Responsible-Sustainable (1)


We care passionately about the environment and aim to nurture, heal, and improve our surroundings. Going forward, we want to champion a whole new generation of sustainability advocates that think differently about farming. We were named Visit Worcestershire's "Ethical, Responsible & Sustainable business of the year" in 2024 - to find out exactly what we do click below.

Astley Vineyard - wine education


We want to share our passion for wine, craftsmanship and the environment with those who want to learn. We want to inspire future generations. We want to introduce more people to wine – not just so they drink it, but so they think about it. We want to support our fellow British wine producers so that we all raise the bar collectively. We are not competitors, we are allies.

Chris talk


We are an English wine producer. But more importantly, we are a Worcestershire wine producer. We strive to support every quality producer and provider in our region. We are proudly artisan, and we strive to support other boutique, family owned businesses like ourselves. And we will always talk about the other businesses that have helped us along the way.

Brave & innovative

We will not be dictated to what's "normal" or "expected". We love to innovate and try-out new possibilities whenever possible. But every experiment we release must meet our level of quality - whether that is Orange wines, Vermouth, or our more outlandish experiments like "Saint Vincent".

Astley Vineyard – piquette / Saint Vincent


We want to make wine as inclusive as possible. We will never make customers feel unwelcome. There are no silly questions, nor any knowledge we won't happily share. We want people to feel our passion, and share our love for all food & drink.

If you would like to know specifics about any of our policies, see below.

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