Saint Vincent – 2021

Saint Vincent is our low abv, lightly sparkling, deliciously outlandish experiment!


Product description

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY WITHIN 10 MILES THIS CHRISTMAS (1st until 20th). Minimum spend £25. (Click here to see if you apply).

Named after the patron saint of winemakers, Saint Vincent is our most outlandish, but delicious experiment.

This historically traditional beverage is lightly sparkling, low abv, and very easy-drinking. Saint Vincent is the ideal picnic drink, or low alcohol (5%) alternative. Imagine a craft cider, or a wine spritzer.

This second vintage is a blend of all our varieites:

  • Madeleine Angevine: 36%

  • Kerner: 31%

  • Bacchus: 21%

  • Siegerrebe: 12%

    Technically not wine, this refreshing "grape beer" is made by taking used grape skins, and then squeezing every last drop of flavour out of them. First they are soaked in water, then allowed to re-ferment, and then pressed for a second time. After carefully managing the delicate fermented liquid, yeast and sugar are then added at bottling so that it undergoes secondary fermentation.

    *This beverage is not disgorged; meaning each bottle contains natural yeast sediment. To serve, we first recommend reintegrating the yeast (upturn the bottle) and drinking it cloudy. Then if you'd like, let the yeast settle and try it clearer (but still hazy).


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