Saint Vincent (Piquette) – 2021

Saint Vincent is our PIQUETTE!


Product description

Named after the patron saint of winemakers, Saint Vincent is our most outlandish but delicious experiment yet - a PIQUETTE!

What is Piquette?

Piquette is a historical grape-based beverage that uses pressed grape skins; not grape juice. In essence, it is bottle fermented grape skin flavoured water. It's more tasty than it sounds - trust us!!

Comparable to a craft cider, beer, or wine spritzer, Piquettes are low in alcohol (5%), gently sparkling, and hugely refreshing. They are what grape pickers would traditionally drink on harvest day (instead of wine) as they are low alcohol, refreshing & cheap. We love piquettes because they are hugely sustainable - turning our waste into a new product - and they are also delicious!


Saint Vincent 2021 is a blend of all our varieties. It tastes like something inbetween a dry cider and a wheat beer. Aromas of elderflower & apple with a hint of baking spice.

In 2022 we experimented with flavoured piquettes. "Wild Blackberry 2022" was made by adding blackberries from our vineyard into a specially blended piquette of Pinot Noir, Siegerrebe & Madeleine Angevine. The result is dry, pink & floral. Think wild strawberries and rhubarb. Our "Wild Hop" version has already sold out - imagine a Gose (beer).


Piquettes are a great way to ease into the evening after a long day in the sun, and very suitable for those who would usually grab a beer or dry cider before dinner.

Saint Vincent is not disgorged, meaning each bottle contains natural yeast sediment. To serve, you can either reintegrating the yeast (upturn the bottle), or leave it to settle and drink clear.


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