by Chris Haywood

Apr 07

It’s FINALLY time to talk about it!

We make Piquette. In fact we’ve been experimenting with Piquette for 3 years now. Some of you will already know this (you taste it in the winery on our vineyard tours), but for most this will be the first time you’ve ever heard of the word.

Why are we talking about this now? Well alongside some of the recent changes around English winemaking laws (pint sized bottles being the most spoken about), piquette has now been made legal. “Being made legal” sounds a bit scary, but the whole point of the change was that there was little-to-no reason for the law in the first place. It tastes great, it’s hugely sustainable, and it helps vineyards make a living. There’s nothing bad about it; so long as you’re honest (which we are 🤗)

So what is piquette?

Piquette is fermented grape skin flavoured water. We take our waste grape skins, soak them in water, press them again, and bottle ferment that liquid. The result is a low abv, lightly flavoured, bone dry sparkling drink. The best comparison is perhaps to a craft cider, beer, or a wine spritzer.

Saint Vincent is our piquette.

After getting the idea from a restaurant in 2020, our first experiment was to make six single varietal piquettes. They went down a storm. In fact they were our most popular product in 2021. In 2021, we made a blend of our varieties (the one currently on sale), and in 2022 we experimented with flavouring it – one with hops, the other with blackberries (currently on sale).

Saint Vincent is the project that Chris is perhaps the most proud of. There’s very little information on its production, so we had to explore the process ourselves. It’s also hugely satisfying to make something so delicious that is made from our waste!

So now that Piquette is legal, we really want you to try it. We serve Saint Vincent in the winery on our vineyard tours as it illustrates our passion for progress & sustainability…and it tastes great! But what on earth do you do with it, and what does it taste of?

When you’ve been working outside in the sun and it finally hits 3pm, we don’t reach for wine – we reach for Saint Vincent. It’s not too sweet or too strong. Piquette is the perfect balance of light & easy, but also adult & complex. Treat it casually and enjoy.

Close to a dry cider or wheat beer. Rich & lightly smokey apples, with a side of elderflower.

WILD HOP – 2022
Comparable to a gose or sour beer. Carbonated by our friend at @nothingboundbrewco to preserve the fresh hop aromas. Light, crisp, sour & aromatic. Blend of Kerner, Bacchus & Sauvignon Blanc. (Only available from our shop).

Refermented on blackberries from the vineyard. Dry, pink & fruity. Blend of Siegerrebe, Pinot noir & Madeleine Angevine.

But you don’t just need to take our word for it. We asked fans of our Saint Vincent for their reviews:

“Delightfully refreshing – perfect on a warm day”

“Ideal after a long day. Perfect with roast chicken”

“We love it!”

“It’s superb. Super refreshing alternative to beer or cider”

“I like the new hoppy & bramble versions”

“A different, but very pleasurable little treat”

“Really surprised me. Lovely stuff”

To celebrate piquette’s long awaited arrival, we’ve put a special offer on our current releases. Just visit our website, our shop, or come on a tour.

And you can BET that we’ll make more this coming year!

Welcome home piquette 💚
(Ps Saint Vincent is the patron saint of winemakers. Very apt we think!)

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