Freya – 2018

Our delightfully drinkable sparkling wine.


Product description

Freya is our delightfully drinkable sparkling wine.

Made like Champagne, but stylistically close to Prosecco or Moscato, Freya is a dangerously drinkable wine. Made from our 51 year old Kerner vines, this semi sweet (17g/L) wine is made for drinking with friends.

Tastes of:  Golden apple, Peach, Ripe citrus, Sweet brioche.

Sweetness: Semi sweet (17g/L - "Sec")

Acidity: Medium high - High

Time on lees: 28 months

Freya is a fun, joyful alternative to traditional sparkling wines. The unusual amount of residual sugar means you get all of the joy of fruit & sweetness as you first sip it, without the cloying texture of something sweeter. Freya is a great gift, a hugely enjoyable wine, or a delicious pairing with fruity desserts.

For those who enjoy
Champagne, Prosecco, Moscato d'Asti

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