Our refreshing, citrusy aperitif.


Product description

Our Vermouth is a joyous, citrusy, herbal aperitif akin to a white Pimms or Lillet Blanc. Delicious on its own, or mixed in cocktails & long drinks.

Tastes of: A fine balance between sweet citrus, and herbal overtones. A light, easy drinking English vermouth.

Made using nine different botanicals that are steeped in grain spirit and then blended with our wine, this English vermouth can be drunk neat as an aperitif/digestif, mixed with tonic as a refreshing afternoon drink, or used as an ingredient in cocktails. Refreshing.

18% abv

375ml bottle

For those who enjoy
Pimms, Lillet Blanc
Served at
Grace & Savour* (Hampton Manor), Wild Hive (Callow Hall)

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